Christiana Cinn Drops Clothes to Sunbathe Nude

July 7, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Christiana Cinn | Post A Comment

With one look at Penthouse Pet Christiana Cinn, you can tell that this vixen knows how to heat things up! She’s got this look about her, the way her lips purse, the way her eyes seem to smile at you – this is a woman that can bring you to your knees with one look.

As she slips off her long-sleeved body suit, Christiana Cinn’s luscious natural boobies come into view. Those tits are truly something spectacular to witness. The sun warms her body, something about it makes her feel turned on. She can’t help but run her fingers over bald little snatch, not caring if anyone outside sees her.

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Alex Grey Beautiful Blonde Topless in Tutu and Heels

July 6, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Alex Grey | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pet Alex Grey is the most gorgeous snow angel you’ve ever seen. This all natural blonde minx isn’t wearing much more than a fur collar and a white tutu. Her long silken legs extend from her tutu, and her feet are slid into some seriously hot high heels. This woman really has captured just how hot the winter months can be!

Lounging on the loveseat, Alex Grey’s creamy skin looks so fair and pure against the vibrant shade of blue of the furniture. Get a good look at this minx. She’s beyond erotic. That little smirk that crosses her face as her sweet natural boobs with their puffy pink nipples are exposed; that’s the vision that will keep your loins on fire!

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Bailey Rayne Cleans in Seductive Pink Lingerie

July 5, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Bailey Rayne | Post A Comment

Imagine coming home to the sight of this – Penthouse Pet Bailey Rayne dressed in some seriously sexy lingerie, on her hands and knees, cleaning. Her long blonde hair falls over her shoulders, framing her gorgeous face. Once you look into this Pet’s eyes, there’s no looking away. You’ll be hypnotized and under her erotic spell.

As she peels out of her lacy pink bra and panties, she’s left wearing the hottest pieces of her sexy little outfit. Her body is utterly bangin’ while she sits there in nothing more than black heels, and thigh highs that are clipped to that delicious garter belt she has on.

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Ryan Ryans Sports Hottie Body in Patriotic Bikini

July 4, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Ryan Ryans | Post A Comment

Ryan Ryans is a beautiful Penthouse Pet that can pull off any look. She is a true patriot to her country and loves to show it off with her red, white and blue bikini. The bikini bottoms really accentuate her petite frame and plump ass. Also, you can’t ignore her vivacious tits!

Ryan Ryans loves everything about her country and will show the world just that. She might look sweet and innocent but she is so far from that, that it is hard to believe. She is a naughty girl who loves to show her body off to everyone.

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Anna Lee Gives Her Peeping Neighbors a Hot Strip Show

June 20, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Anna Lee | Post A Comment

Looking mighty tasty in her low-cut black lingerie, is the insatiable vixen Anna Lee. This is a Penthouse Pet that loves flashing guys. When she’s home alone and all turned on, she slips into something sexy, just like this little number here, Her hands run over her silken skin as a smile crosses her face.

As she gets to the large wall window, Anna Lee knows that there’s some perv out there, looking into her apartment. She knows that when she plays with herself, someone’s out there salivating as they wish they were with her. They watch as her fingers spread open her pussy and slide into her juicy wet hole.

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Maddy O’Reilly True Vixen Strips Off Bra and Panties

June 17, 2016 | Penthouse Models, Maddy OReilly | Post A Comment

Maddy O’Reilly is a name that’s synonymous with sexy. This minx is insanely hot. She’s got an incredible figure, sweet natural boobs, a pert little ass, and a fiery personality. Anything you could want is all wrapped up in this Penthouse Model. She’s looking fine as hell in her bra and panties. Those black heels that she’s got on add to the whole package. There’s something about a woman in high heels that just brings a man to his knees.

Her hands pull and tug on her top, untying it, as her cocoa colored locks cascade over her breasts. The smile that crosses Maddy O’Reilly’s face is one of pure excitement. Her top is dropped beside her. Her panties are pushed off her body and then it’s just Maddy there, pussy exposed. If you’ve ever wondered what Heaven was like, you’re seeing it right now.

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Samantha Bentley Naughty Sex Kitten Bares Her Pussy

June 15, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Samantha Bentley | Post A Comment

Looking for a sex kitten to play with? Penthouse Pet Samantha Bentley is looking to fill that position. This beauty is rockin’ a bra and a semi-sheer lingerie piece to go with it. There’s not much fabric between her fingers and that sweet pink pussy of her’s. Her metal cat ears stick out of her brunette tendrils. Those red lips turn into a seductive smile and you can’t help but want to tangle with this kitty.

Her hands caresses over her cream skin. The feeling of her bare silken skin a total turn on for her. Her fingers walk over her tummy and down her thigh. Tugging the fabric away from her twat, Samantha Bentley runs her finger up and down her slit. She can feel just how warm she is, and she knows just how wet she is. She can’t wait to dip those digits inside her pink hole.

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Mackenzee Pierce Blonde Beauty Pleasures Her Pussy

May 23, 2016 | Penthouse Models, Mackenzee Pierce | Post A Comment

Mackenzee Pierce is a Penthouse Model that knows how to crank up the heat in any room she’s in. She’s looking hot as hell in her corset and frilly skirt. And those fishnets! Damn, those fishnet stockings alone can make a man weak in the knees. Get a good look at this vixen’s big fat titties. She’s popped them out of her top so you can drool all over yourself. She knows you’re a tit man. Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on those bad boys?

This naughty beauty isn’t here just so you can stare at her killer body. No, she’s here so she can fuck her pussy and you can drool all over while she makes herself cum!

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Brandy Aniston Vixen Takes Off Lingerie to Fuck Herself

May 9, 2016 | Penthouse Models, Brandy Aniston | Post A Comment

Big-boobed beauty Brandy Aniston is home alone and ready to have a good time. She slowly unhooks her red and black lace bra, letting it fall from her massive tits. Even though she knows that no one is around to see her strip, the actual seductive act of doing it, turns her on. You know what a wet pussy means to Brandy Aniston!

She lays back on the couch, her panties already tossed to the ground. Her fingers tease her slit, making that twat get even juicier. When she can’t take the teasing any longer, Brandy grabs her favorite dildo, slides it into her hole, and works her way to orgasm.

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Sara Jaymes Strips Down to Sexy Black Stockings

April 25, 2016 | Penthouse Models, Sara Jaymes | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pets aren’t the only ones that are hot to the touch. Just check out Penthouse Model Sara Jaymes and you’ll see that this petite blonde has seriously got it going on! She’s looking mighty good in a black corset and matching panties. And don’t forget that lacy garter belt and thigh high stockings. She’s out to win over not just your heart, but that fire in your loins as well.

She moves with such an elegance, as she slips out of her top. Her small natural breasts will leave your hands shaking, aching to feel them. There’s something insanely hot about a babe in nothing more than thigh highs and heels, and Sara Jaymes knocks that look out of the park!

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McKenzee Miles Sexy Black Widow Shows Her Slit

April 11, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, McKenzee Miles | Post A Comment

Looking fine as hell in little to nothing is Penthouse Pet McKenzee Miles. This blonde hottie is one erotic black window you can’t help but wanna get with. Her body is wrapped tight in her black and red dress. She slips it off in a heartbeat, leaving only her little red panties on.

Leaning against the chain spider web, McKenzee Miles lets her panties drop around her ankles. Your eyes will wander from her big round fake tits down to that pink slit of hers. You can tell this chick means business by the way she spreads open her sweet juicy fuck hole.

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Tomi Taylor Badass Babe Slips Out of Leather Jacket and Her Panties

March 7, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Tomi Taylor | Post A Comment

Tomi Taylor is one of the hottest Penthouse Pets to date. This brunette minx knows how to go from sweet and innocent to naughty bad girl in the blink of an eye. Wearing a sexy black bra and jeweled panties set with high heels and a leather jacket will have your head spinning. You know you would love to have this lingerie clad cutie riding on your hog.

Keeping with horny bad girl fashion, she doesn’t want to keep her teeny tiny clothes on. Tomi Taylor loves her body and she knows you will too. Her skin is silken – the kind of skin where just running your hand over her hip and thigh will leave you needing a new pair of pants. Don’t blow yet though, she’s got the ass of an angel that you won’t want to miss!

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