Jenna Rose Enjoys Lesbian Lingerie Party With Nicole Aniston

February 16, 2015 | Jenna Rose, Nicole Aniston, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Beautiful Jenna Rose is showing off her petite curves in sexy black lingerie, and her friend Nicole Aniston has joined her for some fun. These Penthouse Pets love spending a lesbian afternoon together, caressing each other through their naughty sex clothing before stripping each other slowly to taste each others’ flesh. Jenna loves the feel of Nicole’s soft lips on her chest, and the taste of Nicole’s nipple makes her mouth water.

They strip each other naked and soon, Jenna Rose is riding Nicole’s mouth, playing with her titties as Nicole makes her cum. Laying back, Jenna licks Nicole Aniston’s cunt and tongue fucks her tight hole. Then these lusty Penthouse Pets give in to passionate lesbian kisses, tasting their own pussies in each others’ hot mouths!

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Jenna Rose Seduced By Horny Blonde Jessie Rogers

February 13, 2015 | Jenna Rose, Jessie Rogers, Penthouse Models, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When Jenna Rose agreed to a slumber party with Jessie Rogers, she never dreamed there’d be seduction involved. But the cute brunette Penthouse Pet looked so sweet in her blue and plaid jammies with her nerd glasses on that the hot blonde just couldn’t resist getting her hands on that body.

Jenna was so surprised with Jessie cupped her titties and before she could say, “oh my!” Jessie had her shirt and bra off. Her discomfort over being suddenly naked quickly vanished when she saw Jessie’s beautiful naked titties.

Soon after, Jessie Rogers has Jenna Rose pinned down, licking her neck and turning her on. Jenna eagerly sucked her titties and cunt and Jessie introduced Jenna to her favorite dildo. These Penthouse Pet babes will be getting it on all night!

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Lux Kassidy and Ashley Roberts Strip Naked For Lesbian Sex

February 9, 2015 | Ashley Roberts, Lux Kassidy, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Hot and beautiful blondes Lux Kassidy and Ashley Roberts are spending some lusty time together. It might be winter, but these Penthouse Pets can’t wait to get each other naked. Lux starts out all bundled up in black and red, while Ashley shows a bit more skin in a little sweater and thigh high stockings.

But it doesn’t take either of them very long to undress each other, getting down to the business of feasting on naked flesh. These hotties are seriously eager for each other, stripping clothing and lingerie away so they can touch and caress soft, flawless skin.

One hot blonde Penthouse Pet is boner-inducing enough, but watching Lux Kassidy and Ashley Roberts getting it on together will have you rock hard and eager to join these babes for a threesome!

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Breanne Benson Has Hot Lesbo Sex With Marcia Hase

January 12, 2015 | Breanne Benson, Marcia Hase, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Kissing her blindfolded lover’s neck, Breanne Benson is excited to enjoy some hot lesbian lovemaking with Marcia Hase. These horny Penthouse Pets can’t get enough of each other, especially when Marcia removes both her blindfold and her bra. Breanne can’t resist licking and sucking every delicious inch of those tantalizing titties.

Marcia gets busy stroking Breanne’s pussy through her snug white bodysuit before Breanne strips Marcia’s panties off. The more that Breanne Benson and Marcia Hase feast on each other, the more their pussy juices flow.

These remarkable Penthouse Pets are so filled with lust that just watching them tongue fuck each other will have you cumming right along with them. These babes love to imagine you stroking your hard cock while you watch the two of them cum!

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Celeste Star Licks Kelle Roberts’ Twat For Christmas

December 19, 2014 | Celeste Star, Penthouse Pets | 1 Comment

Penthouse Pet hotties Celeste Star and Kelle Roberts are getting their holiday groove on under the Christmas tree. These babes are naked in striped socks, determined to get on the naughty list with all their pussy licking and stroking.

Celeste loves her green striped stockings and the way her garter belt stretches them up her sexy thighs. Her g-string panties press against her pussy so delightfully until she pulls them off. When she buries her face in Kelle Roberts pussy, the deliciousness of that juicy slit overwhelms her senses and when Kelle returns the favor, Celeste Star cums hard, coating her tongue.

These Penthouse Pets fully intend on coming under the Christmas tree as much as they can and with any luck, Santa Claus will catch them!

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Presley Hart Dominates Sexy Blonde Tasha Reign

October 3, 2014 | Penthouse Pets, Presley Hart, Tasha Reign | 1 Comment

Luscious and sultry brunette beauty Presley Hart is the ultimate dominatrix when she gets together with pretty blonde Tasha Reign. These seductive Penthouse Pets really know how to turn you on with their sexy antics. Tasha sits demurely in ropes while Presley stands over her, cat-o-nine-tails in her hand. Making Tasha suck her nipples is only the beginning.

Soon, she’s lashing the beautiful blonde and making her lick and kiss more of her body. Then Presley Hart decides to enjoy some of that tasty goodness, too, licking and sucking Tasha’s nipple, belly, and cunt. Taking turns feasting and finger fucking each other, these beautiful Penthouse Pets make sure they enjoy their fair share of orgasms. Nothing is tastier than hot pussy juice shared between friends!

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Adriana Luna Takes Yurizan Beltran to a Wonderland of Orgasms

May 21, 2014 | Adriana Luna, Penthouse Models, Penthouse Pets, Yurizan Beltran | Post A Comment

Sexy and luscious queen of hearts Adriana Luna has got Yurizan Beltran right where she wants her. When we read the story, we always knew that these two characters were hot for each other and watching them strip off clothing so they can get their hands and mouths on each others’ bodies is pure intoxication. They touch and caress, licking and sucking nipples and stimulating sensitive skin.

Watching the lesbian kissing between these two is so hot, but when you see Penthouse Pet Adrianna Luna and Penthouse model Yurizan Beltran licking each others’ sweet pussies, you might just cum right in your shorts. These tantalizing beauties will take you with them into sheer orgasmic ecstasy. Dive deep into the wet, hot rabbit hole to wonderland!

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Dani Daniels Laps Between Ryan Keely’s Thighs

April 28, 2014 | Dani Daniels, Penthouse Pets, Ryan Keely | Post A Comment

When sexy Penthouse Pets Dani Daniels and Ryan Keely get together, these lusty wenches can’t keep their hands off each other. Who can blame them? These tantalizing brunette babes are two of the most stunning minxes you have ever laid eyes on and when you see them stripping each other naked so they can pet and lick and suck each other, you’ll be living vicariously through them both for sure!

Dani Daniels has one seriously hot and talented tongue and when she lays Ryan Keely back with legs spread and drives that long tongue deep into her wet slit, your cock will be ready to explode. She loves the taste of cunt juice and can’t wait to make Ryan tremble through one orgasm after another!

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Ryan Keely and Christy Mack Alternative Lesbian Hotties Eat Pussy

January 29, 2014 | Christy Mack, Penthouse Models, Penthouse Pets, Ryan Keely | Post A Comment

Horny Penthouse Pets Ryan Keely and Christy Mack can’t resist getting some hot leather girl on girl action going! These babes love to stroke and touch, kiss and suck, and the more they touch each other, the juicier they get. Ryan can’t resist diving her eager mouth into Christy’s fine wet cunt and feeling the way her tight little hole squeezes around her thrusting tongue. She gets Christy riding her mouth for some intense orgasmic fun, until Ryan’s face is flooded with cunt juice.

Then Ryan Keely puts on the strap on and watches while Christy Mack gets on her knees to suck the pretty pink toy. These Penthouse Pets are ready for an afternoon of orgasms and these horny vixens are just getting started!

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Brett Rossi and Destiny Dixon Enjoy Intimate Lesbian Tryst Together

December 13, 2013 | Brett Rossi, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When Brett Rossi and Destiny Dixon get together, these Penthouse Pets love to play dress up. Brett channels her inner male energy with man clothes, hat, and a painted on mustache. Destiny is all woman, in lovely lingerie. No matter what they wear, though, these babes are decadently hot. Brett licks and sucks Destiny’s sweet nipples before moving down to her tasty cunt. You know that pussy is juicy and delicious.

As Destiny strips her lover naked, she can’t keep her hands of Brett’s fine figure. These Penthouse Pet babes will spend hours making each other cum. Brett Rossi and Destiny Dixon love to stroke, taste and lick, sharing lesbian pleasures together until they are completely sated and soaked with lots of delicious pussy juice!

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Heather Starlet and Bella Enjoy Hot Lesbian Afternoon

October 18, 2013 | Heather Starlet, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When you see Penthouse Pet hot blonde Heather Starlet and her ebony friend Bella playing dress up together, you know that these sexy babes are having a really good time! Heather is looking like a super hot waitress in her short pink outfit – or perhaps even a cheerleader. Bella is a sexy vixen in black – and she wields that weapon like a giant cock to fuck her friend with.

These sexy babes just keep slipping clothes off as they caress soft skin. Once they have their pussies bare, they can’t resist licking those creamy slits and feasting on the juicy deliciousness they find within. Heather Starlet loves being a Penthouse Pet, and she loves even more when she can enjoy a lesbian afternoon!

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Heather Starlet Gets Lesbian Prison Action With Charley Chase

September 23, 2013 | Charley Chase, Heather Starlet, Penthouse Models, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When Heather Starlet was sentenced to do time, she was really nervous. Fortunately, she’d no sooner gotten there than prison guard Charley Chase took her aside in an office for a little one-on-one discipline. The sexy blonde Penthouse Pet might have been worried, but fortunately, she loves that girl-on-girl action – especially with a woman in uniform. In no time at all, these babes are stripping each other down so they can lick each others skin.

Their mutual need for pussy tasting and cunt pounding are quite compatible. Heather Starlet has such a talented tongue that by the time she’s finished with the feisty Charley Chase, she’ll have that prison guard eating out of her hands – and her cunt. Now THAT’S the way to do time!

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