Hayden Hawkens Shows Off Skin in T-Shirt and Panties

June 21, 2013 | Hayden Hawkens, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When you take a good long look at luscious Penthouse Pet Hayden Hawkens, it is only natural to smile. This bodacious blonde hottie is sexy enough to turn your legs to liquid while making your cock throbbing hard. In a tangerine t-shirt and tiny lace panties, she is a total seductress. When she takes off her sunglasses, you can see that her face is exquisite. This Penthouse Pet is slender, curvacious, and achingly beautiful.

She has a penchant for turning on every man she comes into contact with. She strips her clothing off with graceful moves. Hayden Hawkens motivates and inspires deep fantasies and wondrous sex dreams of pounding deeply into moist warm holes while nibbling delicious little nipples. Such is the Penthouse Pet way!

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Franceska James Strips Naked and Spreads Legs

June 19, 2013 | Franceska James, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pet Franceska James is craving some sexy attention. The brunette babe is wearing sexy lingerie and relaxing on her lounge chair, wishing you would join her for some sensuous fun. To entice you further, she happily removes her shirt, letting you take a nice long look at those stunning titties. Full and juicy, her hard nipples beg to be licked by your tongue. She slips her panties off and kneels, showing that her booty is as full and ripe as the rest of her.

Franceska James loves pleasure. She loves to spread her legs so you can see her pretty pussy, hoping it will tantalize you into climbing through the picture and filling her up with your hardness. This sexy Penthouse Pet knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it.

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Emily Addison Gives Horny Jail Cell Striptease

June 17, 2013 | Emily Addison, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Hot and juicy Penthouse Pet Emily Addison has gotten her sexy butt thrown in jail. The hottie brunette was wandering the streets in black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. The poor thing is feeling super horny and really needs the attention of a big, strong man like you. She’d love to get arrested for indecent exposure and, to that end, she’s ready to do a little stripping. She loves the thought of you checking out her succulent melons and moist pink pussy.

This lusty vixen might even do a little masturbating for you, if you can handle the view of something so hot! After all, when it comes to sex and cumming, Emily Addison doesn’t mess around. This Penthouse Pet is all about pleasure and excitement!

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Jenna Rose Enjoys Deep Cock Pounding in Pussy and Mouth

June 13, 2013 | Jenna Rose, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Sexy and horny Penthouse Pet Jenna Rose is spending the afternoon with her hunky lover, and this babe is about to get pounded in all the right ways. He fondles her luscious titties just the way she likes it, getting her pussy all lubricated and ready for action. When he slides deep into her tight hole, his thick dick fills her up and she starts moaning immediately.

These two enjoy all that hard pounding fun, and as Jenna Rose begins to cum, her tight Penthouse Pet pussy gets even tighter, massaging his hard prick and driving him crazy. When this brunette beauty is truly satisfied, she gets on her knees and sucks his cock deep into her mouth and throat, loving the taste and feel of him.

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Natasha Nice Strips From Purple Lingerie to Touch Self

June 12, 2013 | Natasha Nice, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Bodacious brunette Natasha Nice has dressed her succulent curves up in purple bikini lingerie and a white wrap. This Penthouse Pet has the most tantalizing body. Her soft golden skin looks so touchable and tasty, and when she starts slipping her garments off, baring her luscious breasts, those nipples are mouth-watering. This sexy lady isn’t finished, though. She continues to get naked and spreads her legs so you can get a delicious look at her naked pussy.

This Penthouse Pet turns around so you can get a good look at that fleshy ass. Every part of her sensuous body is an invitation to decadent delights. Natasha Nice is the incendiary device capable of bringing you to explosive orgasmic bursts of sheer lust and deep, penetrating satisfaction.

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Hayden Hawkens Strokes Bare Pussy in the Park

June 10, 2013 | Hayden Hawkens, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Sultry blonde babe Hayden Hawkens is one remarkably lovely Penthouse Pet. Hanging out at the park today, she is a vision in white. The light and breezy fabric flows smoothly over her slender curves, showing off her small, tantalizing breasts and long legs. When she bares her pussy and reaches between her legs, you know that she is touching something wonderful – warm, moist, and velvety soft. She looks into the camera and you know that she is aware that you are watching her.

This Penthouse Pet gets very turned on by being watched, and her sexual electricity is off the charts today. Hayden Hawkens is ready to make herself cum, and hopes that you’ll stick around and enjoy the deliciously hot and squirty show!

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Lexi Belle Gets Naked in Bed For You

June 7, 2013 | Lexi Belle, Penthouse Pets | 1 Comment

Lexi Belle is adorably delicious as she sits back in bed, naked except for her sweater. The sexy hot Penthouse Pet is as cute as she is sensuous, making her even more attractive. She slips off the sweater and her slender body is a tantalizing delight. But this babe is horny and ready for more attention. She gets on her knees, showing off her hot ass and sliding her fingers up and down her pussy, showing you where she needs to be filled up.

Lexi Belle loves sex and nothing makes her day like a wonderful orgasm. This Penthouse Pet is ready for action and she knows that if she turns around and shows you how sexy and full her ass is, you can’t resist her siren call to pleasure!

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Chanel Preston Makes Sexy Music With Naked Body

June 5, 2013 | Chanel Preston, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Gorgeous brunette Penthouse Pet Chanel Preston is completely stunning in her blue dress. She poses by a piano, but this babe has all the instrument she needs in her sensuous body. As she playfully lowers the dress to show off her sweet titties, and raises the skirt to show you just how tiny her black g-string is, this seductive vixen knows exactly what she’s doing.

Soon, she’s completely naked, allowing you to take in every delicious inch of her perfect figure. When she sits and spreads her legs, Chanel Preston is letting you know that she’s got her own juicy organ to play with. She licks her finger and teases her swollen clit. This sexy Penthouse Pet is ready for some orgasmic fun, and she hopes that you’ll play along with her.

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Brett Rossi, Jenna Rose, and Tasha Reign Are Wanted Penthouse Pets

June 3, 2013 | Brett Rossi, Jenna Rose, Penthouse Pets, Tasha Reign | Post A Comment

Check out the sexy hot line-up of Brett Rossi, Jenna Rose, and Tasha Reign. These super hot Penthouse Pets are all wanted for being drop-dead gorgeous, and when you see them standing together in nothing but tiny g-string panties, you can clearly see why. These babes are all about making the most of their sensuous curves! Brett and Tasha have that blonde deliciousness going on, contrasting with Jenna’s amazing brunette beauty.

All three women together is a dangerous concoction of sheer seduction, and any man who finds himself in their grip will soon be helpless to the Penthouse Pet charms. Brett Rossi, Jenna Rose, and Tasha Reign would happily lead him to a pleasurable explosion – leaving him weak in the knees with a permanent happy smile on his face.

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Hayden Hawkens Strokes Pussy After Stripping Black Lingerie

May 31, 2013 | Hayden Hawkens, Penthouse Pets | 1 Comment

Hayden Hawkens has her delicious Penthouse Pet body all adorned in super hot and sexy black lace lingerie, and the golden girl is stripping it off slowly and with great teasing pleasure. She knows that you are watching her, and this playful vixen wants you absolutely overcome with passion and desire. She certainly is. The more she gets naked and strokes her soft, sensitive skin, the more turned on Hayden Hawkens becomes.

This delightful dish wants to be your special Penthouse Pet fantasy, and when you see her luscious naked curves and the special way this little nympho strokes her pussy, you simply can’t resist her charms. With a long and lingering glance, this temptress easily wraps you around one long and graceful finger, and you love it!

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Lexi Belle Undresses From Gray Sweatshirt

May 29, 2013 | Lexi Belle, Penthouse Pets | 1 Comment

Sexy hot and delicious Penthouse Pet babe Lexi Belle relaxes on the couch in a gray sweatshirt and pink socks. This babe is so tantalizing and beautiful, with slender curves that really make an impact on the eyes. She loves to show off her perfect little titties and sweet pussy, and when she has an afternoon alone, she wears as little as possible so she can fondle and stroke her sensitive body. Babes this delightfully taste and sensuous don’t come along every day, and when they do, it’s no surprise to find out they are a Penthouse Pet.

Let Lexi Belle seduce you and you will enjoy every tasty drop of her seductive deliciousness. Pure pleasure is what she is all about – so take her hand, relax, and enjoy the adventure!

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Jelena Jensen Brunette Beauty Ready to Seduce in Blue

May 27, 2013 | Jelena Jensen, Penthouse Pets | 1 Comment

Jelena Jensen is a mesmerizing vixen in her blue bra and garter belt, showing off her perfect Penthouse Pet body. The beautiful babe keeps her body in perfect shape and when you see how deliciously sensuous her curves are, you will know it’s worth every moment she spends working out. Her titties are seductive melons of tasty goodness. Her legs are long and supple and beg to be stroked, tasted, and enjoyed.

Everything about this gorgeous Penthouse Pet is created to tantalize the senses and the more she moves, the more you can imagine how good it would feel to hold her in your arms. Jelena Jensen is
a salacious siren and just being in this tempting babe’s presence is one of life’s great pleasures.

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