Nicole Aniston Dresses Up to Strip Down

January 30, 2013 | Nicole Aniston, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Nicole Aniston has gotten her blonde, voluptuous self dressed up in a sexy dress with a feather fringed skirt. The Penthouse Pet is a true vixen, proudly showing off her stunning curves as she stands in the doorway. But then she heads outside and you see that the horny lady has getting naked on her mind.

She teases you, flashing her pussy and ass and tasty breasts. Then off goes the dress so Nicole Aniston can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without any fabric getting in her way. Her golden skin glows with perfect health and every curve of her body is made for hardcore sexy fun. This is one hot and tempting Penthouse Pet that looks great no matter whether she’s in clothes or completely naked.

Enjoy watching Nicole Aniston strip out of more hot and sexy dresses

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Marica Hase is Sexy in Lavender Lingerie and Wig

January 28, 2013 | Marcia Hase, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Hot Asian Penthouse Pet Marica Hase is in a sexy anime dress up sort of mood. She’s donned a vibrant blue wig and some silky lavender lingerie and she’s ready to show off that hot, slender little body just the way you like it. Wearing a wig always puts the usually-brunette beauty in the mood to role-play all kinds of sexy things – ranging from strip-tease fun all the way to hardcore activities of all kinds.

When she strips out of the lingerie, things get even sexier. Marica Hase proudly shows off her perfect titties and sweet, slender little body. She touches herself teasingly between the legs. She knows when you look at her, you have hardcore fantasies about blowjobs and fucking and licking and this little Penthouse Pet vixen likes it!

Enjoy more of Marica Hase as she plays dress up

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Sasha Grey Gets Naked and Wet For You

January 25, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Sasha Grey | 2 Comments

Sasha Grey wants to turn you on. The slender, brunette Penthouse Pet is all hot and horny and completely naked – once she strips out of those sleek blue pants. Her small breasts are stunning and allow for fantasies of how her nipples might feel against your tongue. She’s so hot and sexy fine just standing there with her fine ass and pretty pussy right there for all to see. But then the sexy Pet does something even hotter.

Sasha Grey gets wet for you with her shower massage. She loves the feel of it on her sensitive pussy and when the water runs seductively down her ass crack, the feel of it makes her even hornier. Sasha Grey is ready for some hardcore action. Can you bring it?

Enjoy more Sasha Grey getting naked, hot, and horny for you

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Penthouse Magazine February 2013

January 24, 2013 | Penthouse Magazine | Post A Comment

Penthouse magazine Feb 2013In the February 2013 issue of PENTHOUSE:

Laly is our Penthouse Pet of the Month, February 2013!

She’s No Wallflower – Elisa
Book’em, Laly – Pet of the Month Laly
Go Brazilian – Adriana Sephora
Roses are Red… – Mia & Natasha
Skin Pics – Skin Diamond

Gametime – The five strangest moments in Super Bowl history, and six of the hottest NFL girl-friends.
The Spoof Master – Marlon Wayans talks about his latest parody, A Haunted House.
Hard News – The best dirty place-names, boob-flavored booze, and a massage-parlor app.
In Your Face – Your favorite porn stars are coming at you-in 3-D.
Pillow Talk – Romance-novel cheat sheet: 15 seductive things to say to a naked woman.
Play Things – A guide to 13 new sex toys that are sure to please you and your valentine.
Working Stiff – A college grad gets cozy with his international coworkers.


Laly Announced as Penthouse Pet February 2013

January 23, 2013 | Laly, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Penthouse seems to love their foreign pornstars and is continuing this 2013 trend of naming an international model as their Pet. For February 2013, they’ve named French adult actress Laly as their Pet of the Month. This babe rocks cock as a blonde and a brunette – knowing how to get things done down and dirty! You can find her in some seriously naughty hardcore porn out there and looking mighty tasty in these Penthouse teaser pics. Get ready for February, because Laly is going to be the star!

Check out more preview pics of Laly

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Nicole Aniston Enjoys Her Bike in the Nude

January 21, 2013 | Nicole Aniston, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When you see Nicole Aniston topless in the sun, wearing only a pair of blue jeans, you know you’re seeing something special. The curvy delicious blonde babe loves being naked outdoors. Her lush breasts drink in all that fresh air and sun and her sweet little nipples harden with the kiss of the breeze.

This is one sexy blonde Penthouse Pet that knows how to rock our world just by standing there in the great outdoors. She peels those tight jeans off so her whole body is naked and you can’t help but wonder what kind of hardcore sexy stuff Nicole Aniston is thinking of getting up to. That’s when she climbs on the big red bike, her bare pussy resting sweetly against the bicycle seat. That’s the good stuff.

Check out more of Nicole Aniston – hot and sexy as always

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Marica Hase Strips Down Naked From Mint Green Lingerie

January 18, 2013 | Marcia Hase, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Exotic and sexy hot Asian Penthouse Pet Marica Hase, loves her lime green lingerie nighty. The soft, thin material clings to her hot little body like a second skin. She pulls up the nighty to show you her pretty little white lace panties. You know her delicious pussy is underneath, just out of view.

The exotic brunette hottie lowers her green lingerie to show off her perfect little breasts and soon after that, Marica Hase is completely naked for you. She touches her sweet, wet pussy which aches with a need for some hardcore fucking. Any man in his right mind would be more than happy to give this horny little Asian Penthouse Pet all the naughty and hardcore attention she needs.

Check out more of Marica Hase as she takes her clothes off outside

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Phoenix Marie Loves the Glory Hole Experience

January 16, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Phoenix Marie | Post A Comment

Phoenix Marie is one kinky babe. The delicious brunette Penthouse Pet found a glory hole filled with nice hard cock and she is giving that hunky man meat a proper blowjob. She’s dressed in sexy lingerie and fishnets and when she gets done licking and sucking until that dick is as hard as possible, she’ll slide her sweet pussy right onto it.

She likes being fucked by a total stranger. It’s hardcore and kinky and a total turn on to the horny brunette babe. Soon, Phoenix Marie’s friendly stranger decides he’d like to get rid of the wall between them. That’s when he joins her for some hot fucking until he spurts hot spunk all over her sexy ass. Now that’s the way to spend an afternoon!

Check out more of Phoenix Marie as she expresses her kinky side

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Audrey Bitoni is a Vamp in Lilac Dress

January 14, 2013 | Audrey Bitoni, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

When you first see Penthouse Pet Audrey Bitoni with her sexy hot and curvaceous body all wrapped in lilac gauze, she almost looks like a vampiric seductress, ready to steal your soul with her tantalizing body. The raven-haired beauty looks so good, you know it’s no wonder that she was the Penthouse Pet in November 2008. But no matter how sexy this exotic bronze beauty looks in all that lilac linen, it simply doesn’t compare with her sliding that fabric aside to give you teasing little glimpses of her amazing body.

Audrey Bitoni is hotness personified and if you aren’t seriously aroused after spending some time looking at her, there’s something not quite right with you. Don’t you worry, though, Audrey Bitoni always knows how to please her audience.

Click here to see the seductive Audrey Bitoni play with some of her favorite toys

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Peach Gets Naked on a Car

January 11, 2013 | Peach, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

If there is one thing that the November 2004 Penthouse Pet Peach, loves, it’s a nice car. The super delicious blonde just can’t contain herself when she gets around a classy car, all black and stylishly polished. It just makes her so hot that the next thing she knows, she’s undressing down to bustier and stockings…and then even more must come off.

This delicious Peach is as succulent as it gets. She’s one Penthouse Pet that firmly believes in getting down to the basics…yet reaching for the stars. Her curly blonde hair and stunning body come fully equipped with the mind and spirit of an adventurer. Climb into that fancy car with her, and she will take you on the trip of a lifetime.

Enjoy more of Peach’s hot lingerie pics

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Nicole Aniston is One of Nurgle’s Nymphs

January 10, 2013 | Nicole Aniston, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

2013 is looking mighty bright for Nicole Aniston. This Penthouse Pet of the Year has already made her presence known across the internet with a good number of pictorials already released in these first 10 days. One of the newest sets of pics is thanks to Nurgle’s Nymphs.

This blonde siren has her big tits snuggled in a Nurgle’s Nymphs tank top. She made him one happy man when she decided to pop those boobs out of the top. She’s one tasty treat and the perfect person to be named Penthouse Pet of the Year.

This is only a small sampling of the entire gallery – so be sure to continue on and check it out!

Enjoy more tit filled photos of Nicole Aniston

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Georgia Jones is One Hot Nude News Maker

January 9, 2013 | Georgia Jones, Penthouse Pets | Post A Comment

Georgia Jones has been making headlines lately with her tryst with Charlie Sheen – so if that Hollywood eccentric gets to see her nude, it’s only fair that all of us get to as well!

Beautiful Penthouse Pet Georgia Jones is in a horny mood. Her sweet little body is all in turmoil with her lustful need for a good hardcore fucking. It doesn’t take long before the brunette bombshell strips out of her hot little brown booty shorts and orange halter top, giving you the perfect view of her stunning, slender curves of deliciousness.

She loves knowing that you are fantasizing about kissing her sweet little titties and when she gets her naked body down on the floor, lifting her hips in the air for the perfect doggy-style fucking, she likes imagining that it’s you sliding deep inside her lush, wet pussy. Face it, sometimes a woman like Georgia Jones simply needs to get naked and have some hardcore fucking fun. Someone needs to make it happen.

Check it out when Georgia Jones fulfills her own needs

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