Samantha Bentley Strips Off Everything But Her Heels

January 8, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Samantha Bentley | Post A Comment

There’s something about fair skinned brunettes wearing red and black that’s insanely hot. Their creamy silken skin appears flawless, like a pool of milk. Penthouse Pet Samantha Bentley‘s jacket hangs loosely on herself. You can make out the curves of her delicious natural boobs. The more you watch this minx move, the more of an eyefull you’re going to get!

With her jacket dropped to the floor, she stands before you in see through black panties and spiked cherry red heels. She’s a bad girl at heart. She’s naughty and frisky and a true siren. Samantha Bentley knows exactly what she wants, and that’s you on your knees, groveling before her naked beauty.

Check out Samantha Bentley and her natural tits

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Cassie Laine Sweet and Sassy in Cotton Panties

January 4, 2016 | Penthouse Models, Cassie Laine | Post A Comment

You can’t help looking at Cassie Laine without smiling. This beauty is a knockout. She has a cutesy smile that reveals just how naughty she can be. Her fingers dance over her thin cotton top and panties. Imagine just how slight of a movement she would have to make, to expose a little more flesh.

With a wink of an eye, Cassie Laine pushes her panties down around her knees. She has no need for them anymore! Same with her bra – off it goes! Her supple and small natural breasts are bare, her curvy ass is shown, this Penthouse model is going to make you sweat – no doubt about it! The moment you get to the last photo, her fingers running along her silken pussy, on the edge of pleasuring herself and hoping to turn you on.

Check out Cassie Laine completely nude

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Maddy O’Reilly Shakes Her Ass in Crotchless Panties

December 14, 2015 | Penthouse Models, Maddy OReilly | Post A Comment

Maddy O’Reilly is one deliciously kinky vixen posing in some of the hottest lingerie pics Penthouse has ever published. The brunette beauty stands confidently in front of the camera, knowing that every pose she does is something her fans are just going to eat up.

Dressed in salacious crotchless panties, a matching lace bra, and some sexy chains, Maddy O’Reilly knows just how to turn you on. She has a fierce and sexy look on her face as she runs her hands all over her incredible little body.

Check out Maddy O’Reilly as she bares all

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Samantha Bentley Slips Bra Off Her Natural Boobs

December 11, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Samantha Bentley | Post A Comment

Samantha Bentley needs a little alone time now and again. That’s why she puts on her favourite soft pink colored lingerie and heads out behind her house. Once she’s there she plucks a single apple and smirks, turning in such a way that you see just a glimpse of her stunning cleavage, her perfect breasts encased in a pink bra.

Samantha Bentley is classical, timeless, and effortlessly sexy, and these pics prove it. In no time at all she starts indulging her own fantasies, stripping outside, first her bra, and then her panties, gracefully sliding them down her long legs to give you a view of her trimmed bush. There’s no way your can’t be intoxicated by this vixen!

Check out Samantha Bentley baring her all natural boobies

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Raven Bay Pops Her Big Tits Out of Her Top

October 19, 2015 | Penthouse Models, Raven Bay | Post A Comment

There’s no denying that Raven Bay is one sexy minx! Standing sultry in her tiny black dress, you’ll be blown away when she begins stripping down to her lace and satin panties. This is a woman who knows how to make you work up a sweat. She makes this strip nice and slow to make your loins catch fire.

Dropping her bra, she lets her big fake tits hang free. She drops her panties, letting them slide down to her ankles, then steps out of them. Lounging nude on the leather couch she looks back at you with a sly smile. Raven Bay is the kind of Penthouse Model that really knows how to get you excited.

Enjoy more of Raven Bay popping out her tits

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Jelena Jensen Gets Horny and Wants Us to Watch Her

October 7, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Jelena Jensen | Post A Comment

Jelena Jensen is a badass, no doubt. Her long black hair perfectly compliments her full, womanly curves, which she shows off in some stunning lingerie here. This sexy Penthouse Pet can’t distract herself for very long though, and this striptease quickly becomes all about her. As she pulls her panties to the side to make room for her hand she starts breathing heavily, falling to her knees and ripping her bra off so that she can squeeze her gorgeous tits.

She spreads her pussy lips with her manicured fingers, getting more and more turned on by the second. As she gets on all fours and shows us her pussy from behind, it’s hard to know what to focus on: that gorgeous pussy, her perfect, round ass, or her lust-filled eyes.

Watch Jelena Jensen caress her big tits

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Lily Love Sexy Exhibitionist Strips and Masturbates Outside

October 2, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Lily Love | Post A Comment

When Lily Love isn’t busy being one of Penthouse’s hottest Penthouse Pets, she’s sneaking out of her apartment to indulge her strongest exhibitionist fantasies. This gallery starts with her leaning against a fence in angelic white lingerie, showing us her tight, curvy figure. Then she slides her fingers into her panties with a smile and the fun really starts.

In no time at all she’s sitting on a chair in her garden, legs spread, licking her fingers to get them ready to fill up her beautiful pussy. As soon as they slide in she closes her eyes in bliss as she rides the wave of an orgasm. She ends up on all fours, proudly spreading her cheeks to show us her gorgeous pussy and asshole from behind.

Enjoy more of Lily Love pleasuring herself

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Heather Starlet Pleasures Her Bald Pussy

September 14, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Heather Starlet | Post A Comment

Heather Starlet is all dressed up to go out to a rave but that plan falls through as soon as she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Like everyone else, this sexy Penthouse Pet gets immediately turned on by the sight of her perky tits underneath a pink fishnet top, or her toned, athletic abs, or her tight ass on top of her endless legs.

After spreading her ass cheeks to give us an eye-popping view of her pussy from behind, Heather Starlet quickly drops to the ground and shoves her fingers into her pussy, riding them for all she’s worth. A huge grin spreads across her face as she starts fingering herself from behind, and she loses herself in orgasmic ecstasy.

Enjoy more of Heather Starlet’s juicy bod

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Natasha Nice and Tanya James Make Each Other Cum

September 11, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Penthouse Models, Tanya James, Natasha Nice | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pet Natasha Nice is minding her own business in her home office when she gets a surprise visit from Penthouse Model Tanya James. The sexual tension has been building up between these two for a while, so Natasha doesn’t hold back when Tanya starts crawling over her desk towards her with her beautiful ass sticking up in the air.

Tanya James’ blonde head looks insanely sexy in between Natasha Nice’s toned legs, as she licks her pussy up and down with her warm tongue. Then Natasha Nice repays the favour and mounts Tanya James, riding her face while she sticks her own tongue into Natasha’s soaking wet pussy. Eventually these two beauties cum simultaneously and collapse into a heap of sweat and their own juices.

Check out these beauties getting each other off

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Lily Love Strips Out of Sensual Pink Lingerie

September 7, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Lily Love | Post A Comment

Lily Love has always been one of our favourite Penthouse Pets. This gorgeous creature has one of the finest bodies around, with full, firm breasts, a fat, round ass. This gallery has her showing off her curves while clad in the finest and laciest lingerie.

Lily Love has always felt most comfortable naked, and she slowly peels off each and every piece she’s wearing, until her magnificent body is stretched out on the floor, with every single one of her curves on full display. But all of this teasing has gotten her more than a little turned on, so she spreads her legs and gives us an amazing view of her pussy, before she slides a finger down to her clit and starts playing with herself.

Enjoy more hot shots of Lily Love

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Lily Love Curvy Brunette Plays With Twat at her Cabin

August 21, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Lily Love | Post A Comment

If there’s one thing Lily Love needs, it’s some alone time. To escape the big city she likes to head up to her cabin and treat herself to a quality weekend all by herself. She’s not boring, though.

The first thing this insanely hot Penthouse Pet does is take her clothes off, revealing some angelic lacy white lingerie. Then she slides her fingers into her panties to get herself wet, before turning around and getting on all fours, thong pulled down around her luscious thighs.

Then Lily Love sits up and spreads her legs before filling her pussy with her talented fingers, moaning with pleasure the whole time. When she finally cums she falls back across her leather chair, eyes closed and mouth open.

Enjoy more of hottie Lily Love getting naked

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Celeste Star and Adrienne Manning Take Turns Toying

August 12, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Adrienne Manning, Celeste Star | Post A Comment

Celeste Star and Adrienne Manning are some of the hottest Penthouse Pets around, so you know that they know how to have fun. A regular Saturday night hangout quickly heats up though, when they realize that neither of them have been laid for a while…

Celeste starts by pulling down Adrienne’s jeans, showing off her beautifully toned ass and lacy thong. Then she yanks down Adrienne’s bra and sucks one of her tight little nipples into her mouth before she takes off that thong and gently pushes a toy into Adrienne’s willing pussy.

Adrienne can barely control herself when she feels Celeste’s warm lips engulf her clit while that big toy is filling her up, and she’s soon in the middle of an intense orgasm.

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