Angela Sommers Ultimate Beauty in Sexy Lace Lingerie

August 21, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pet Angela Sommers poses in a hotel room. With hair as blonde as corn silk and lips red as wine, she strips out of her wispy nightie and gets out her big titties! Then it’s time to show off her deliciously shaved pussy, which is dripping with juices. It’s time for a red hot masturbation session!

Next time you stay at a hotel, you’ll be thinking of all the naughty things this Penthouse Pet does to herself when she stays in one. Slip into bed, close your eyes, and let your hand work over your body as you envision this buxom blonde hottie!

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Angela Sommers and Jelena Jensen Apron Wearing Babes Hook Up

February 8, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Jelena Jensen, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Angela Sommers and Jelena Jensen love to party hard, but not in the traditional sense. They love to party with each other with sexual satisfaction and finding ways to tease each other. These Penthouse Pets are sexy, sensual, erotic and entertaining as they tend to get down and dirty with each other.

Angela Sommers has beautiful blonde hair, light blue eyes and has a petite physique with silky, smooth skin. Jelena Jensen is a gorgeous brunette with mysterious brown eyes that will have you hypnotized. These babes look gorgeous all over one another!

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Angela Sommers Completely Seduced by Temptress Destiny Dixon

May 1, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Penthouse Models, Angela Sommers, Destiny Dixon | Post A Comment

Hot blonde beauty Angela Sommers loves that girl-on-girl action, especially when she’s hanging out with her good friend Destiny Dixon. These hot babes are all about that licking and sucking fun, and even before Angela is completely undressed, Destiny is stroking her naked pussy. These horny Penthouse Pets know that the best way to satisfaction is an afternoon of pleasuring each others’ tits and cunts, especially when you’re watching every minute of it.

Angela Sommers bares Destiny Dixons titties from her spiked bra and from that first nipple lick, it is on. These Penthouse Pets love to compete over how many times they can make each other cum, and they know you love watching every juicy minute of it. Join these babes for some hardcore cock stroking of your own!

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Angela Sommers Hot Vamp Slips Off Corset and Panties

April 22, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Pretty blonde Penthouse Pet Angela Sommers has a real weakness for sexy lingerie and this tantalizing babe is feeling super sexy today. Her black and wine bustier and tiny black panties hug her body so lovingly and her thigh high fishnet stockings with the lace tops look so good, they should be required at all times. This luscious hottie loves to strip for you, shedding her bustier nice and slow, just the way you like it.

Once her titties are bare, she pinches a nipple while fingering her panties and then slips them off to get to her pussy lips. Angela Sommers is a horny hottie that can’t resist spreading her legs and pussy lips wide. The Penthouse Pet fantasizes that you’re slipping up behind her, ready for action!

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Angela Sommers Strips in Mirror From Pink Lingerie

August 3, 2014 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Beautiful blonde Penthouse Pet Angela Sommers is picture perfect in pink lingerie. The sexy outfit clings to her fine curves and shows her cleavage off, plush and beautiful. The alluring vixen gives you a demure look as she squeezes her breasts, then kneels in front of the mirror to apply the finishing touches on her make up. She leans back against the mirror, casting a breathtaking image.

Angela Sommers begins to strip, first exposing her perfect breasts, then slipping her panties down, and finally, kneeling naked so you can drink in every inch of her. Knowing you are looking turns this Penthouse Pet on, and she spreads her legs and slips a finger in her pretty pink pussy and prepares to make herself cum!

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Angela Sommers Gets Hot and Wet in The Shower

February 5, 2014 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Dishy blonde Penthouse Pet Angela Sommers has been a very dirty girl. So dirty, in fact, that she just got into the shower in her lingerie with the intent of washing herself clean. The trouble is, when you’re as naughty as this saucy little minx, there just isn’t enough water in the world. She uses her shower massage to run water over her marvelous skin.

Every jet of water stimulates her tender tissues, making her nipples stand at attention, caressing her flat tummy, and making her pussy vibrate with need. She slips her clothing off as it becomes soaked, and her naked flesh is beaded with water and looking fine. Angela Sommers is one Penthouse Pet you’d love to shower with. Get clean and dirty at the same time!

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Angela Sommers Strips From Sheer Lingerie to Stroke Her Wet Pussy

January 17, 2014 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Hot little blonde minx Angela Sommers is feeling the need to masturbate. Her pretty little pussy is aching with need and this delightful Penthouse Pet knows just how to satisfy it. As she sits in her white nighty, looking so deliciously curvy, you can’t help but be struck by her outstanding beauty. She stands, bares her breasts, and practically glows with warmth and sensuality.

This beauty is the perfect eye candy with her gorgeous face, silken locks of gold and flawless creamy skin. But when the voluptuous Penthouse Pet gets naked, spreads her long supple legs, and gets busy stroking her sweet pink slit, you might have to hold tight to something to avoid a heart attack! Angela Sommers is as stroke-worthy as it gets!

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Angela Sommers Strips From Chainmail For Naked Bath

April 5, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Juicy, hot, blonde, and beautiful – Angela Sommers is a sexy picture standing in the bathroom clothed only in tiny black g-string panties and a loose chainmail top. The chains dangle sensuously across the Penthouse Pet’s delicious naked titties, and when she slips the panties off, she is a sexy blonde goddess waiting to tempt us into all kinds of naughty activities. The scintillating blonde slips into the bathtub, removing her chains as she sinks into water up to her chin.

The warmth surrounds and seduces the sexy vixen, until she is deliciously horny and ready for more. Bringing her naked body into the air once again, Angela Sommers leans over, opening her sweet pussy to you in invitation. Will you accept the invite for hardcore Penthouse Pet fucking?

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Angela Sommers Gives Blockbuster Striptease From Black Gown

March 25, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Angela Sommers is an incredibly tantalizing Penthouse Pet, and she wants to show you a movie. This blonde beauty looks so classy in her black gown, like a sensuous lady from ancient Greece. The gown covers her lovely breasts but hangs open, teasing you with the possibility of seeing more of her sexy curves. Never fear, this Penthouse Pet knows what you want and in no time, she’s up on her feet with the gown around her waist, letting you see her amazing breasts. Her lace panties cling to slender, curvaceous hips.

Angela Sommers offers up some pop corn before slipping her panties off, spreading her legs, and allowing you to feast your eyes. With such a stunning Penthouse Pet to look at, do you really want to watch a movie?

Feast your eyes on Angela Sommers as she shows off her incredible body

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Angela Sommers Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up

February 27, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Angela Sommers is a sexy blonde bombshell with a beautiful face and a body that just won’t quit. Every curve is a study in perfection, and everything about her is a delicious turn on. The lovely lady is the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2013 Runner Up and when you see how hot and spicy she is, you know it’s a title she richly deserves.

Everything about this blonde beauty dazzles the eyes. She has a scintillating glow that seems to come from within and the more you see of her, the more you want to see of her. Angela Sommers is a golden goddess of pleasure and sexual delight. She is a true expert at leaving her audience hot and bothered, and she likes it that way.

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Angela Sommers Lesbian Passion with Emily Addison

May 30, 2012 | Penthouse Pets, Emily Addison, Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Busty fantasy women, Angela Sommers and Emily Addison, are unstoppable in their passion for each other. Their lust is merciless.

Taking off their bras and panties in bed together, they quickly get to licking tits and clits. From pink nipples to even pinker pussies, nothing is off limits when these babes are turned on.

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Angela Sommers Named Penthouse Pet

April 28, 2012 | Angela Sommers | Post A Comment

Angela Sommers is the Penthouse Pet of the Month for May 2012 and by the looks of things, she is going to set the month on fire.

A buxom blonde from Queens, New York, Angela stands 5’7″ and measures a mouthwatering 36D-26-36.

These stunning images feature the breathtaking babe peeling her superb body out of citrus color lingerie and offering her big firm boobs and hot ass up to the camera. She reaches between her legs to spread her bald pussy lips and you will be in lust.

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