Nicole Aniston Strips From Black Dress to Show Off Big Rack

August 23, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston is one stunning hot dinner date when you come to pick her up – and her black lace dress is totally classy. But even as she opens the door, this hottie is letting you know that she’s not at all in the mood for dinner. She wants to make you her dessert and she has no interest in wasting time.

She slips outside in her lingerie and waits for you to take hold of her many assets. Nicole Aniston is feeling very sensuous and seductive and she continues to strip slowly, whetting your appetite for sweet, creamy fun
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Nicole Aniston Has Sensual Morning Sex

July 22, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Luscious Penthouse Pet seductress Nicole Aniston loves it when her man wakes her up with fucking on his mind. Her silky skin is soft against his lips and her pussy gets so wet as he works it over with his tongue. She loves the way he works over her hard clit, making her pussy vibrate with pleasure, and her mouth waters to suck his huge cock. It turns her on even more when she licks that big shaft, running her soft lips up and down.

Nicole Aniston can’t resist climbing on top to ride him before lying back so he can fuck her tight cunt as hard as he wants. When he cums, he showers her tummy with his sticky spunk, starting this Penthouse Pet’s day off just right!

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Jenna Rose Enjoys Lesbian Lingerie Party With Nicole Aniston

February 16, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Jenna Rose, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Beautiful Jenna Rose is showing off her petite curves in sexy black lingerie, and her friend Nicole Aniston has joined her for some fun. These Penthouse Pets love spending a lesbian afternoon together, caressing each other through their naughty sex clothing before stripping each other slowly to taste each others’ flesh. Jenna loves the feel of Nicole’s soft lips on her chest, and the taste of Nicole’s nipple makes her mouth water.

They strip each other naked and soon, Jenna Rose is riding Nicole’s mouth, playing with her titties as Nicole makes her cum. Laying back, Jenna licks Nicole Aniston’s cunt and tongue fucks her tight hole. Then these lusty Penthouse Pets give in to passionate lesbian kisses, tasting their own pussies in each others’ hot mouths!

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Nicole Aniston Surprises Aaliyah Love With Hot Lesbian Spanking

October 20, 2014 | Penthouse Pets, Penthouse Models, Nicole Aniston, Aaliyah Love | Post A Comment

Sexy and beautiful Nicole Aniston has delicious babe Aaliyah Love all blindfolded and filled with anticipation and you can tell that these Penthouse beauties are about to have a great time. She removes the blindfold and plants a deep kiss on Aaliyah’s mouth, turning the hot blonde on with her soft lips.

Nicole loves to be in charge, fondling Aaliyah’s titties as these horny babes strip each other naked. Putting her over her lap, Nicole uses a paddle on Aaliyah’s ass and then lays back to enjoy her talented mouth on Nicole’s hungry pussy. There’s always a good, orgasmic time to be had when Nicole Aniston and Aaliyah Love get together for lesbian love making. These juicy Penthouse Pets are simply spectacular in every way!

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Nicole Aniston Strips From Black Beaded Dress

December 4, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Beautiful blonde temptress Nicole Aniston is an amazing beauty in her classic dress and thigh high stockings. The Penthouse Pet looks ready to go out on the town for a date in a fancy restaurant – but Nicole Aniston is always ready to bring out her naughty side. She sits and spreads her legs, making sure you can see that she’s not wearing any underwear. This luscious temptress wants to get naughty with you! She begins to undress and her black lingerie is incredibly tantalizing.

This alluring vixen definitely knows how to make the most of everything she wears – or doesn’t wear. Nicole Aniston bares her fine titties, teasing you with her flawless and beautiful skin. She has mad Penthouse Pet skills and she’s only getting started!

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Nicole Aniston Heats Up Kitchen Wearing Only an Apron

June 28, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

When you see a Penthouse Pet as hot as Nicole Aniston, it gets you cooking! This babe is flat out spicy hot, especially when you see her heating up a kitchen with her perfect naked body covered with only an apron. She pretends to show off how domestic she is with all that bending over and oven opening stuff, but you know that all you can think about is how long and supple her legs are and how hot her succulent little ass looks.

You’re probably even thinking about how it would feel if you grabbed it in your hands while pulling her close to you. When Nicole Aniston nibbles that fruit – you are thinking about how delicious her lips would feel on you. Now that’s how you heat up a kitchen!

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Nicole Aniston Always Strips Naked For Workout

May 13, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Nicole Aniston believes in keeping herself as fit as possible. There comes a time in every workout, however, when the sexy blonde pornstar feels the need to strip naked. Usually, it happens when she becomes either too hot – or too horny – to remain clothed. That’s when the clothes go flying off and Nicole spends the rest of her workout, getting out of breath and hornier by the minute.

Nicole Aniston knows that both exercise and sex give the heart an extra special work out, so either way, this sexy beauty has all her bases covered!

Enjoy more of Nicole Aniston as she dresses up just to strip down

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Heather Starlet and Nicole Aniston Strip For Lesbian Pussy Licking

April 29, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston, Heather Starlet | Post A Comment

Beautiful blonde dishes, Heather Starlet and Nicole Aniston are spending quality girl time together. They are both wearing white dresses that show up nicely against their golden skin, and these two hot Penthouse Pets can clearly not keep their hands and mouths off each other. Slowly, they strip the bits of fabric away from naked flesh, tasting and touching each other along the way.

Seeing Nicole with her mouth against Heather’s pretty little cunt is such a turn on! And when these hot honeys press their pussies together as they lie back on the couch, you can feel the excitement! These sexy Penthouse Pets are ready to drive each other wild, and take you along for the ride. When Heather Starlet and Nicole Aniston really get going, you’d better hold on tight!

Enjoy more of Heather Starlet and Nicole Aniston as they get wild

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Nicole Aniston Loses Evening Gown in the Bathroom

April 15, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Nicole Aniston loves to dress up in various ways, but when the beautiful blonde Penthouse Pet dresses up in this gorgeous purple dress, she is a study in elegance. Taking a break from the festivities, the lovely lady rests on the bathtub in the private bathroom, sitting back and flashing her pussy at you seductively. Even though the move is meant playfully, it turns the sexy Penthouse Pet on so much that soon, she is stripping the dress off to pose for you in panties and thigh-high stockings.

She struts and turns, showing off her hot and sexy bottom and long legs. Nicole Aniston looks good and she knows it, and just watching the deliciously tempting lady in action is an unbelievably erotic turn on!

Check out Nicole Aniston as she shares even more sexy lingerie with you

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Nicole Aniston Enjoys Work Out

March 18, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

When hot and tempting blonde Penthouse Pet Nicole Aniston decides to work out, she doesn’t mess around. The beautiful babe puts on her sexiest pink leotard and gets busy with the handheld weights, firming up her muscles. The workout heats her up and raises her heart rate, making Nicole want to cool off a bit. She exposes her sweet, damp pussy but that only makes her hotter, so she removes the leotard completely to work out naked.

The sight of the hot pornstar on her back, working out naked, her pussy exposed and aching with need, is an incredible turn on. Nicole Aniston is one deliciously tempting Penthouse Pet and she can work out for us anytime. We recommend she get on top and do some push ups.

See what Nicole Aniston does when she’s all alone and completely horny

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Nicole Aniston Dresses Up to Strip Down

January 30, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

Nicole Aniston has gotten her blonde, voluptuous self dressed up in a sexy dress with a feather fringed skirt. The Penthouse Pet is a true vixen, proudly showing off her stunning curves as she stands in the doorway. But then she heads outside and you see that the horny lady has getting naked on her mind.

She teases you, flashing her pussy and ass and tasty breasts. Then off goes the dress so Nicole Aniston can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without any fabric getting in her way. Her golden skin glows with perfect health and every curve of her body is made for hardcore sexy fun. This is one hot and tempting Penthouse Pet that looks great no matter whether she’s in clothes or completely naked.

Enjoy watching Nicole Aniston strip out of more hot and sexy dresses

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Nicole Aniston Enjoys Her Bike in the Nude

January 21, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Nicole Aniston | Post A Comment

When you see Nicole Aniston topless in the sun, wearing only a pair of blue jeans, you know you’re seeing something special. The curvy delicious blonde babe loves being naked outdoors. Her lush breasts drink in all that fresh air and sun and her sweet little nipples harden with the kiss of the breeze.

This is one sexy blonde Penthouse Pet that knows how to rock our world just by standing there in the great outdoors. She peels those tight jeans off so her whole body is naked and you can’t help but wonder what kind of hardcore sexy stuff Nicole Aniston is thinking of getting up to. That’s when she climbs on the big red bike, her bare pussy resting sweetly against the bicycle seat. That’s the good stuff.

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