Busty Veronica Ricci Stripping Out of Black Lace

July 25, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

Veronica Ricci is a captivating Penthouse Pet with creamy white skin, big bright eyes, and a figure that can’t be ignored. This girl radiates sex appeal and isn’t shy about showing off her outstanding body.

It takes very little time and encouragement for Veronica to undress. She seems to delight in being nude and in displaying herself for you. See as the black lace lingerie is stripped from her full round breasts and away from her perfect ass and bald pussy. She exposes herself fully and beckons you into the fantasy.

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Veronica Ricci Has Sexy Naked Fun in Big Round Bath

July 11, 2016 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

When Veronica Ricci is in the mood for a bath, she really loves her luxurious round bathtub. There’s a nice high ledge for sitting on, and plenty of room for all kinds of sexy fun when she gets inside. She starts out with her auburn hair all a tumble, naked except for a tiny pair of yellow panties. She slips them aside to touch her sweet pussy before sliding them down over her round ass. She bends over, sliding her fingers in and around her pussy.

The Penthouse Pet is feeling super horny and ready for more, and the water just enhances the sensitivity of her tender skin. Veronica Ricci is ready to make herself cum. Stick around – you’ll definitely like what you’ll see!

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Veronica Ricci Gives Red Hot Striptease

July 6, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

Veronica Ricci is a gorgeous Penthouse Pet with beautiful red hair and dark and mysterious blue eyes. She is wearing a beautiful two piece lingerie in white and with her curvaceous body, pulls it off with flying colors.

Veronica Ricci is a pornstar that loves to show off her body in any way possible, whether it is bending over or taking off the top piece to show off her big breasts. She loves to flaunt it. Here she is bent over showing off her silky smooth skin and the positions that she really enjoys and all with a sense of style.

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Veronica Ricci Strips Off Sexy Pilot Uniform

March 13, 2015 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

When you see Veronica Ricci in her sexy pilot uniform, you’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to board her plane. Strip searches wouldn’t bother you in the least, if you knew that this hottie was your destination. Even better, though, would be if this sexy Penthouse Pet strip searched you herself, right before treating you to her extra hot striptease. She loves to slip those clothes off, making the most of her time in bed. She tosses her red hair this way and that while revealing her deliciously creamy skin, big titties, and glorious pussy.

When Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci takes you under her wing, the flights of fantasies are horny and hot as she takes you off on stunning, sexy adventures in naked pleasure!

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Veronica Ricci Strips Off Everything to Finger Tight Pussy

December 31, 2014 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

With long reddish brown hair and a sexy smile, Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci is pure enchantment in ruffled panties and lace top. This teasing temptress loves to masturbate and she’s definitely in the mood today. Her titties ache to be set free and when she pulls her clothing off, her naked beauty is a pure delight.

She loves the way you watch her as she drops those panties, showing off her round ass cheeks and her pretty pussy slit. Her titties are full and beautiful and she squeezes them in her excitement. When she relaxes on her belly for a moment, the freckles on her shoulders invite you to kiss them. Veronica Ricci gets so turned on that she can’t resist masturbating. When this Penthouse Pet cums, she cums hard!

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Veronica Ricci Strips From Red Swimsuit For Nude Sunbathing

October 2, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

Beautiful and sensuous Veronica Ricci is looking absolutely dreamy in her red bathing suit. The one piece suit is almost entirely open in front and just barely covers her pretty titties. She soon pushes the material aside, however, preferring when her golden globes are free and unencumbered by fabric.

The rest of the suit is soon to follow, leaving the beautiful sex goddess completely naked, her long brown hair falling in sensuous waves down her back and shoulders. Her slender beauty is enough to magnetize your sense, rendering you incapable of looking away. This Penthouse Pet is one remarkable seductress.

Veronica Ricci takes no prisoners when it comes to love, sexy, and the pursuit of naked awesomeness. Just wait until you see what she does after the sun warms her pussy up!

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Veronica Ricci Strips From Slutty Little Black and Pink Outfit

August 12, 2013 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

Deliciously beautiful Veronica Ricci is looking amazing in her black sequin skirt, bra, and pink jacket. The sensuous Penthouse Pet loves showing off her stunning curves in such a playful outfit and even more – she loves stripping it off. There is something so amazingly naughty about getting naked when she’s outside in a public place.

She flashes her titties, ass, and pretty little pussy before shedding the clothing entirely – leaving nothing on but her boots. Veronica Ricci knows that someone could come along and catch her anytime. That’s what makes everything so intoxicatingly naughty! This Penthouse Pet needs to feed her inner bad girl once in a while – and she’s happy you’re here – sharing the hot and sexy fun with her!

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Veronica Ricci Looks Hot in Black and Green Lingerie

December 26, 2012 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

When is the last time you saw a woman looking as good as Veronica Ricci? It probably hasn’t been recent, since this woman is the whole package. Not only is she achingly beautiful, with a gorgeous face and the kind of dark hair you’d love to feel tumbling around you as she rides your cock like a cowgirl, but her body is totally luscious and deliciously hot, ready for action from a strong man like you.

Veronica Ricci wants to know that you want her. She wants to know that you’re ready for whatever action she feels like getting up to. So what do you think? Can you be the kind of man that a woman like Veronica Ricci needs?

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Veronica Ricci Sheds Her Lacy Lingerie

September 28, 2011 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

Red hair and bright eyes are pretty features on scintillating Pet, Veronica Ricci, but it is her sizzling body that will really melt you.

The busty goddess strips out of black lace bra and bottoms. She unveils her breathtaking round boobs with pale pink areolas and nipple points. Her navel is pierced and pussy lips are shaven bald.

Lying back on the sofa, she raises her legs up and shows you the entry to paradise.
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Veronica Ricci outside in sexy lingerie

April 13, 2011 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci | Post A Comment

Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci has some gorgeous lingerie on underneath her little white dress and can’t wait to show it off! She quickly gets her clothes off and her sexy hourglass figure is displayed with scrolly charcoal lingerie. Veronica Ricci’s big tits come out before she teasingly removes her panties to finger her tight pussy. See more inside Penthouse Magazine!

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Taylor Vixen and Veronica Ricci

February 23, 2011 | Penthouse Pets, Veronica Ricci, Taylor Vixen | Post A Comment

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Taylor Vixen fucking her sweet pussy before but I sure do love these photos! She and Veronica Ricci are getting aquainted with eachother’s nude bodies and after caressing and licking eachother, Taylor Vixen is so hot and horny that she fucks herself with a toy, and then fucks Veronica’s tight pussy for her! See more inside Penthouse!

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